Best Hunting Muzzleloader

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Best Selling Hunting Muzzleloader

Traditions Performance Firearms Muzzleloader Deluxe Tubular Flask with Valve (brass)

Traditions Brass Deluxe Powder Flask 39420

Hunting Muzzleloader Reviews
  • “These are one of the safest products to pour powder in a measurer.” – Larry E. Rowland
  • “This item does exactly what it is designed to do.” – Mike Woodman
  • “It doesn’t matter that it was made in China…it is still well made.” – jeffc0347

MTM Muzzle Loader Dry Box

As all Muzzleloaders know, black powder and powder substitutes must be stored in a controlled environment to protect them from moisture. That is why MTM designed the new MuzzleLoader Dry Box – it is the ideal possible bag – box for active muzzle loading black powder enthusiasts.

Hunting Muzzleloader Reviews
  • “Fits all my gear and then some.!” – Tony
  • “Well made for plastic.” – Anthony Crute
  • “This box is a good place to store them so when it is time to go you can just grab it and go.” – CS

Traditions Performance Firearms Muzzleloader Stainless #11 Nipples with M6x1 Threads (2 per - Traditions, CVA rifles and pistol)

2 pk Stainless Nipples w/ M6x1 threads – Manufacture ID: A1250Fits all Traditions rifles and pistols. For M6x1 threads and No.11 caps.

Hunting Muzzleloader Reviews
  • “It is better to have and not need than need and not have.” – Michael Desmond
  • “They are a lot stronger than the original nipples that came with the gun.” – Roberta L. Hildebrand
  • “Have not used yet but appear to be of good quality.” – Gene2

Blackpowder Products Universal Caliber Fiberglass Ramrod
Blackpowder Products Inc.

Cleaning FiberglassRamrod. Flexibility to bend without breaking. Three foot length for you to custom fit.

Traditions Performance Firearms Muzzleloader Straight Line Brass Capper (Holds 15 #11 caps)

Straight Line CapperSolid brass body carries fifteen #11 caps ready for precise dispensing.

CVA AA2002 Universal Scope Kit
Blackpowder Products Inc.

Our Scope Kits give you a KONUS 3-9×32 scope with DuraSight Integral Muzzleloader Mounts. This gives you everything you need to scope up just about any inline muzzleloader including CVA, Thompson Center, or Traditions.

Suggestions of the Best hunting muzzleloader

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